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A guy has fronted court over allegations ofu00a0intimidation and invasion. Watercolor Painting Flower Pillow CaseWatercolor Painting Flower Pillow Case

Mr Lawrence has pleaded not really guilty to the costs and will encounter a hearing on Might 11, showed by Launceston lawyer Evan Hughes.

custom silk pillowcase,Court paperwork display law enforcement have charged Mister Lawrence of not really just striking and pushing the girl, but striking her in the mouth with a drinking water container in-hand and getting her steering wheel at rate, leading to her to strike a guardrail.

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It is certainly also claimed Mr Lawrence slammed the womanu2019s head into a bedhead, forced her face into a cushion and choked her.

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pillowcase decorating kit,The allegations of an overwhelming nature consist of:

Pillowcase 40 x 80,A courtroom record states that Mr Lawrence u201cshould possess known (his alleged actions were) most likely to have the effect of becoming unreasonably managing, intimidating and causing apprehension and fearu201d in the woman.

The supposed offences required place at Carrick and Rosevale, north-west of Launceston.

Mister Lawrence was billed previously this month with one count number of emotional abuse or violence and four matters of common strike.